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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mum's Medallion

Laid up with the flu! A good opportunity to post!

This is more of my medallion quilt, which I was making for my Mum when she passed away over four years ago.

Time to finish it.

I would really love some ideas to what I might add to the next 'round'; or is it a 'border'?

I'm thinking it needs a narrow green border before the addition of something more interesting. (Then some more leaves and vines with stronger detail?)

Half square triangles?

Perhaps some of Jodie's Double Hour Glass?

Then the maths becomes the real problem!

I'd love to hear your views or ideas to help me progress some more.

Happy Days!


1 comment:

Rafael's Mum said...

I think your idea of a small green 'round' is a good one. After that a slightly busier one, yes, maybe the hourglass one, or if you fancy a little more work...:-)... you could do a row of different little stars. The math should not be all that daunting because I can see from your inner border that things are all quite evenly distributed. Are those squares 2"sq? If so, and assuming the border is 4" each end, that would make 28" for a side wich is a nice divisable number for little squares, of whichever description. If you make them the same size as the corner half square triangles, you can just fit in 7 across one edge (then 7 across the opposite one and 9 on the other two). You can vary the contents of these as you wish. Hour glass, stars, etc.

After that another big white one with applique? maybe birds and flowers? and for another round there is always flying geese which is always great for a border. Hope that has given you some ideas. Can't wait to see it grow!

Hope you feel better soon!