The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. ~Mark Twain

Thursday, August 5, 2010

On the Move!

This is advanced warning to all my followers, friends and occasional visitors to my blog.

Yes I'm talking to you Marg, Helen ( I think there are two of you!), Deanna, Katia, Christine, Elizabeth, Angela and all those anony-mice! (LOL)

Also Kylie and my friends at Patchwork House!


To a new blog page, that is!

This blog has been useful in giving my blog journey a kick start.

However I was never very happy with the name. There are other blogs and businesses that use that name. I wanted something original! Finally after months of thinking and searching and more thinking I have come up with a new title which I feel, more closely, reflects my pursuits and pastimes.

And the new name is......

Please make the move with me! Join me, follow me, bookmark me! Continue my patchwork and blog journey with me!

The move has been made and I am waiting for some visitors, followers or friends to pop around!

See you there!


Autumn Home

I have entered the Quilting Gallery weekly quilt competition.

This is my entry for the log cabin category this week.

All my loyal followers might like to vote for me.

This quilt was completed some years ago. (So long ago in fact that I had to trawl through lots of old files to find this ONE photo).

Some of the fabric has cute little pumpkin motifs on it. It is entirely machine pieced, except for the applique which includes more pumpkins and a cute little birdie sitting on the roof of the house. It is hand quilted.

I was a real pleasure to make. I especially loved making the autumn leaves in the corners. It still remains one of my favorites!

I must take some more close-ups of this quilt, perhaps a job for this weekend.

Do you have any old time favorites?

Have a happy day!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Winner!

How lucky am I?

I won a giveaway!


Check out her lovely blog and pretty cross stitch buttons!

She has an Etsy store too.

This photo is unrelated to my win but still 'crafty' and hopefully worth sharing.

(Needed to make this page look pretty somehow!)

I spied this window display (sorry about the reflection) in the Louis Vuitton window in Paris


Cute, hey!

And this photo is also of thread, displayed in a stairwell in a Melbourne restaurant called


The building

was once used as a dressmaking factory.

There is something about the glossy, shiny texture and rich color of thread that makes it really

interesting, don't you think?

Have a happy day,


Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Productive Weekend!

Melbourne's gloomy weekend is perfect!

Perfect for SEWING!

Apart from some functional work like joining backing and darning some sox, I had a very productive weekend!

I completed this cot quilt -with my own simple, and somewhat sparse quilting!
The binding is on and the quilt ready for gifting.

Every year my local patchwork shop "Patchwork House" hosts a Mystery Quilt Challenge for the charity "Open Family".

Participants purchase a Fat Eighth to construct a 12 inch block. It is up to each individual to add the rest of the fabric and the design of their own choice.

It's all part of the fun!

Each one is joined together and quilted by the talented girls at the shop. The quilts are then donated to the charity to give to needy clients such as street kids or to be raffled and so raise money for the under-privileged.

The dark green with overlapping geometric shapes is this year's mystery fabric.

From my 'design' wall- this is my first option (above).

My second.

My third - but not really considered.

This is what I finally settled on!

This one I made from some of the left over pieces!

I always look forward to seeing what other more talented patchworkers come up with at the unveiling!

I will keep you informed of how the final quilts come together, sometime before Christmas!

Have a happy week!


Friday, July 30, 2010


Have I shown you my softies!
These are two of my more recent creations!

Both for friends having babies.

I bought the pattern for the elephant at Amitie in Bentleigh.

They have a photo of one on their website, but no pattern to go with it, so I can't give you any

more info!

Didn't do too well stuffing the feet, unfortunately.

This is a "Melly and Me" pattern of Mrs Perkins.

I love the paisley pattern in this cute giraffe.

I have made her twice now.

It is a great pattern that comes together so easily!

Have a happy day!


Monday, July 26, 2010

A parcel arrived!

I received a parcel today!

I have never ordered fabric from overseas! On the internet! So how exciting!

And quick! It was only last week that I was checking out Etsy for some fabric to go with a swap

I am doing!

Not sure what I am going to do with it, but we all know how happy new fabric makes us!

Have a happy day!


Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is the back of my first machined quilt- done by ME!

Don't look too close! It's far from perfect!

I know I have blogged about this before, but I am so thrilled to have completed this one by my new Juki!

Can you see the quilting? I hope not because its in 'the ditch'!

Love that spotted binding! Really enjoyed hand sewing the binding on to finish it off!

Also great to have another quilt finished. Even my darling husband commented on its bright colors and how it might look on our dining table!

Have a great day !