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Monday, June 7, 2010

MmM -The footy (and a bit of sewing thrown in)!

To all my Australian followers these memories mightn’t be too alien.

However, apologies to readers elsewhere- this may all sound quite strange.

Anyway – today’s Marvellous Memory of Melbourne (on a Monday) is about the great Australian sport of Aussie Rules.

I remember Saturdays in winter were a favourite time of the year. Dad was usually off at his second job and Mum and I would spend it sewing in the kitchen. She had her old Singer and I had my toy machine! (I will save that photo for another day.) I was probably making dolls clothes and hopefully Mum was making a new dress for me!

The kerosene heater would be lit and in the background the radio was tuned to the footy. Our team, Geelong, (the team in Blue and White, above) would be playing and we maybe lucky enough to hear a live broadcast. But with 6 games being played in Victoria, all on the one day, only 2 or 3 stations broadcast matches live. So we’d wait with bated breath for them to “go around the grounds” for an up-dated score! There would great elation if we were winning, but in those days we were probably getting thrashed!

How far we have come since the ‘good old days’; now we get most games telecast live in colour on satellite! And we don’t have to wait for anything much anymore – just maybe a slow internet connection.

We didn’t go to the footy that often – mostly to the Melbourne Cricket Ground which was luxury compared to the suburban grounds. Generally at the MCG you could find a seat and be sheltered from the rain. But there was nothing as fancy as a seat at Kardinia Park or Arden St, not unless you could afford to pay extra for the few seats available. No – if we, as little 'tackers' wanted to see what was going on, on the ground, we had a solution.

We would scrounge 4 or 6 discarded steel beer cans (empty of course) and stand on those! Sounds rather primitive, doesn’t it? Now all the stadiums have seating, (see above) but you still need to pay extra for one closest to the action!

Have a good day!


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