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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Green Day (With a bit of pink thrown in)

Firstly, another piece to the pie!

What better way to celebrate World Environment Day than share one of my favourite
colour combinations-

Green and Pink!

I have my dear Mum to thank for this obsession.

These were the colours that she loved to use in her home decorating and I can remember many a cushion cover, curtains, paint effect and bedspread from my childhood.

In fact the photo (above) was of a piece I was working on nearly five years ago, when she passed away.

I do like a quilt which includes some other stitchery - blanket, chain and herringbone featured here. Kinda gives it an extra dimension, don't cha think?

Mum never got to see this but I think she would have liked it.

It's probably time to get it finished!

Originally it was to be a cushion cover, but I have decided it will look better as a centre for a

border type quilt.

(More photos soon, when some more definite design ideas are in place. )

Have a happy Sunday!


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