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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Piece of the Pie

This is what the Pie Quilt looks like so far.

Can't wait to get it finished!

I have loved making it but there does some a time when a quilt is just screaming to be finished!
A rather wonky photo of the latest pie piece.

The photo is not only wonky but so is the piecing!

Just as well I haven't stitched it down to the background yet!

Happy stitching!



Rafael's Mum said...

That looks really jolly! and a lot of work too but it is worth it.

Helen said...

Hello! I've just found your lovely blog!! I'm also a Brother sewing machine girl (I have two machines) so I hope you get your "left arm" back soon!!

Looking back on your previous posts, just love the scarf you made!!

So, a belated welcome to blog-land..... it's a great place to be:-)

Happy Sewing!