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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

REFLECTIONS Scarf Festival

I posted my child's scarf originally back here.

I have entered it into a festival - not a competition although there is some element of that to it.

Did it for the experience mainly!

In the end, I really enjoyed the process - lots of design decisions were made along the way, that, thankfully, didn't cause too much angst.
My scarf has a range of vintage and modern fabrics, mini yo-yos, herringbone, running and cross-stitch, and self made fringing.

The Reflections Scarf Festival begins on Saturday (19th June - 25th July) in Geelong.

I suggest you spend a cold Victorian winter's day being warmed by the scarves made by many talented crafts people.

I am sure you will be impressed!

This is my friend Pam's scarf!

Don't you love the strong vibrant colour combination?
(In real life it is a beautiful olive green and a strong purple)
The colours and design reflect Pam's Scottish heritage. The scarf has these amazing "peaks" representing the Highlands.

This scarf certainly makes me happy!

I will up-date you when I have been to visit in a few weeks time.



American Quilter's Sociey said...

Great entries! Happy quilting!


Deanna said...

that makes me want to make a scarf. Hmmm...another way to dig into that scrap pile. Thanks for the inspiration.