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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frankie I Love you!

Those of you from Australia may know this magazine!

Frankie is the best!
Lots of indie stuff - often craft related.

I believe the Urban Outfitters in the US stock this great mag!

Don't you love this poster!

More from this designer on http://www.apartment-story.blogspot.com/

Claire Owen is one talented artist.

What about these bobbins!

I am aiming to buy some vintage braid to justify having some of these!

This is their etsy shop - I'm sure these bobbin gals will be in stock sometime soon!

Not my usual post but a least a little craft related!

Have a good day!


1 comment:

mqsquare. said...

I am so very jealous you have in your hands this issue. I am still waiting.... And oh, the gals make periodic appearances, they just get snatched up very quickly!